Why Do We Wear Hair Extensions

You probably wouldn't believe that hair extensions have been around for 30 years or more, now with ever more celebrities wearing them their popularity has grown over the last few years at a remarkable rate.

Adding hair extensions can completely transform your look in just a matter of hours and may not be as expensive as you first thought. I work with a varied range of hair extension systems to create the look you have always dreamed of until now!

The demand for hair extensions in Nottingham has grown considerably over the last few years because all us ladies have realised the simplicity of hair extensions giving us the opportunity to change our hair style in a matter of hours, to a new chic sexy look. So for hair extensions in Nottingham call the specialists and we will give your hair the ultimate hair extension experience.

 Adding Length 

It is possible (your own hair must be at least 6inchs long and layered) to achieve natural looking hair up to 22inches long, giving you an ultra glamorous hair makeover. Lengthening your hair will give you more versatility when styling eg:

  • Sweeping up dos
  • Using tongs and heated rollers to create soft sexy curls
  • Straight long sleek head turning hair

My present clients have all commented that longer hair has given them a huge boast to their inner confidence leaving them feeling more glamorous and attractive inside and out.


If you feel you hair is long enough already and your really looking for some more volume many of my clients has chosen extensions to add thickness. Transforming their flat lifeless hairs appearance to thick, shiny and voluminous hair that Rapunzel would be proud of.


If you don't want to damage your hair with dyes or bleach or your just looking for some temporary colour for that special occasion hair extensions are a very flexible way of achieving any look you have dreamed of. There is a huge range of colours available from natural colours or for the more adventurous woman fun and funky party colours.

Bad Hair Days!!

Hands up we all have them, and their the pits. Extensions are a perfect solution many ladies who have had their hair cut and lived to regret it have found extensions restore their style, and confidence without the torture of the months and months it may of taken to get back to their forma glory.

Afro Caribbean Hair

Wearing a weave will give your natural hair a break from damaging perming and straightening. The corn rowing technique that is constructed underneath the weave will also encourage your hair to grow. I also give my clients having this form of extensions the option of having a deep conditioning treatment either before the weave is attached or after I have taken the extensions out.

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