Hair Extension Aftercare Products

It is important when wearing extensions that your look after them correctly. Correct aftercare will ensure that your new hair stays looking beautiful and that there is no damage caused to your natural hair. There are a wide range of products to buy however I can supply a simple and easy aftercare kit including Extension Shampoo, Conditioner and Extension brush for £30 on request, additional items: leave in conditioning spray and oil treatment.

You will be given clear written instructions and advice, We also provide demonstrations on brushing techniques shown to ensure you are fully confident on how to maintain your fabulous new look before leaving the salon or before I leave your home.

    Is your Hair Suitable for hair extensions?
  • Your own hair must be at least six inches long all over
  • Your hair must be layered
  • Your hair must be in good condition

  • Hair not suitable for extensions:
  • Damaged hair
  • Very oily scalp
  • If you have a scalp complaint
  • Short hair (under six inches in length)
  • If you have given birth in the last six months

Wearing hair extensions will not damage your natural hair as long as they are applied and removed by and experienced extension specialist (with at least 3 yrs experience) and you are given correct after care advice and use extension products.

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